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Digital marketing solution: enhances your online presence, improve your online optimization, help promote local sales, provide email support and help your company generate more revenue.

Digital marketing solution: enhances your online presence, improve your online optimization, help promote local sales, provide email support and help your company generate more revenue.

Online Presence

We will enhance and expand your company's presence online and provide the innovative digital marketing solution you need to make your company more successful. By focusing on the development and implementation of the right digital marketing solution for your company, we increase your opportunities for success exponentially.

Website Design

We design, develop, launch and upgrade websites for our clients to enhance their online presence, promote their products and services, attract new customers and supercharge online optimization.

Search Engine Optimization

We use a variety of techniques and processes to improve the quantity and quality of the organic, unpaid traffic your website attracts from search engines and help your website to rank higher on search engine results pages.

Local Citations

We will create prominent online mentions of your business' name, address and telephone number on local business directories, social media platforms, websites and apps. This has a positive impact with online users and your company's local search engine rankings and Google Maps.

Content Posting

We will regularly post high-quality, relevant content on your website and social media accounts to attract visitors to your site and spark discussions on topics originating on your website and social media accounts. That shows your company is a trusted source of valuable content, products and services.

Social Media Share

We will increase the social media shares of your advertising, content, mentions and the user-side social media activity related to your brand. We will enhance the noise made about your brand by your global audience about all traceable social activity that is surrounding your brand.

Monthly Report

We will provide a monthly report based on the results from advanced marketing analytics of the dashboards, templates, tools and software we use to track consumer response to your marketing campaigns. It will show whether the marketing campaigns are helping your company fulfill its goals by generating sales-ready leads and revenue.

Call Tracking

We also track the calls each part of our marketing campaigns generate and identify as much demographic information as possible to make the marketing campaign's next phase more targeted and effective.

Ecommerce Platform

We help you create an effective e-commerce platform for your business. One that loads quickly on both desk top computers and mobile devices, has customer friendly features, is fast and SEO optimized.

Monthly Meeting (premium plan)

We will have monthly meeting with you to assess the marketing campaigns and strategy's effectiveness and decide which, if any, changes need to be made going forward.

SMS Marketing

We will help you use SMS Marketing to send both promotional campaigns and transactional messages to market your company, products and services using text messages. Through the use of SMS you can send time-sensitive offers, alerts and updates to people who provide consent for your business to send them those messages.

GMB Creation And Optimization

We will show you the steps necessary to set-up, verify and optimize your GMB account. We can help you to use this robust directory created by Google showing results from the branded searches of your business.

Local Sales Promotion

We will help you with local sales promotion to funnel traffic from your local community to your shop daily and when you are having sales or other special promotions or events.

Email Marketing

We will show you how to use email marking to reach the most consumers as possible, improve brand recognition, create trust in your company or product, and help build customer loyalty. It's the highest return on investment of any marketing medium. Email marketing drives conversions.

Marketing Strategy Development And Implementation

We can design, develop, create and implement multifaceted marketing strategies that can raise awareness of your company and your products or services. We will enhance online optimization, promote local sales and help your company attract the attention of global consumers.

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